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The vision of CGFWA is to ensure the social, cultural, educational, economical and other welfare activitiesfor the family members of officers, sailors and civil employees of all ranks. It is totally a welfare association for Coast Guard family members and it makes endeavor to ensure the welfare of any family living inside or outside the country.It also tries to keep good relation with neighboring countries family members specially Coast Guard and Navy family members.

Our mission is to ensure all types of vocational welfare for serving and retired Coast Guard family members. CGFWA helps to maintain various educational institutions and its development activity. It helps to encourage the family members to build a well-planned family. We work for building up the welfare relationship among the Coast Guard family members to build the family self-dependent. We try to motivate the family members to groom up their Children with moral values and ensure their good health also. We also look after the autistic children for their better education and treatment. We try to contribute in socio economy of the country also. We fall back to the poor community of the society during heavy cold weather and for post disaster relief operation.

The future plan is:

  • To spread the activity of CGFWAin national and international level.
  • Toinvolve more in humanitarian assistance relief operation especially after natural disaster.
  • To ensure a good environment for next generation of the coast guard family members.

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